Many Americans will brave congested highways and inclement weather to travel Thanksgiving weekend, one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. More than 46 million Americans are expected to travel 50 miles or more this week for the holiday, a 4.2 percent increase from 2013 and the highest level in seven years, according to the American Automobile Association.

How weather conditions will impact travel depends on where travelers will hit the roads. Here’s a look at Thanksgiving weather forecasts around the country. 


The East Coast can expect some of the worst weather in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, a possible source of headaches for travelers in the region. Meteorologists predict a major winter storm on Wednesday that would parallel the East Coast.

Temperatures in the region will cool as the week progresses, and with a lot of moisture tracking up from the southeast, meteorologists say coastal storms are expected. “The track will determine whether it's rain, heavy rain or snow,” NBC10 First Alert weather meteorologist Brittney Shipp said Monday. “If it stays near the coast there will be more snow. If it stays further away there will be less snow and more rain.” The storm will move away by Thanksgiving Day, however.

New York can expect temperatures in the mid-50s during the week and then in the upper 30s and low 40s on Thanksgiving, according to AccuWeather. A snowstorm Wednesday will impact areas from Virginia to Maine. 


Meteorologists say a coastal storm this week starting in the Carolinas and heading north Wednesday and into Thursday could bring severe storms on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wind is the biggest threat to travelers. Travel is expected to be slow on the ground in Miami, Charleston, Raleigh and Norfolk.

Thursday high temperatures will be 60 degrees Fahrenheit in Little Rock, Arkansas; 65 in New Orleans, Louisiana; 63 in Jackson, Mississippi; 64 in Tampa, Florida, and 71 in Miami. 


Cold, cold and even more cold. High, gusty winds in parts of the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley could lead to airport delays, according to Nick Wiltgen of Rain and light snow are likely across the region on Wednesday.

Cold air moving south over the lakes could bring more lake-effect snows on Thanksgiving Day. 


Warm and dry, with slightly above average temperatures. From Oklahoma City to Dallas, temperatures will be in the 60s. Albuquerque, New Mexico, will see Thursday temperatures around 58 degrees Fahrenheit; 65 in El Paso, 69 in Houston and 67 in Dallas, AccuWeather reported. 


The West can expect the nicest weather of any region this Thanksgiving. California will remain dry and warm through Thanksgiving Day, with chances of rain in the Bay Area into Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

Oregon will see some light precipitation through Tuesday, with possible dusting of snow after Wednesday. Washington may get some rain, and snow is expected in the northern Rockies. 

For more detailed information about regional weather conditions this Thanksgiving, check local weather forecasts.