The afterlife comedy Up There and the Christopher Plummer showcase Barrymore are among the films that have won awards at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, which concluded its 11-day run on Sunday by handing out 10 jury and one audience award.

Ken Scott's Starbuck, about a sperm donor sued by some of the 500-plus children he fathered, won the festival's Audience Choice Award.

Up There, Zam Salim's comedy about a newly deceased man who's given a job welcoming newcomers to the afterlife, was given the jury's Panavision Spirit Award for Independent Cinema, which also includes a camera package worth $60,000.

Barrymore, Erik Canuel's film of Plummer's one-man show about actor John Barrymore, won a Special Jury Prize for Artistic 'Distinction.

Other awards went to Ismael Ferroukhi's drama Free Men (Best International Film Award), Julia Morat's Found Memories (the Nueva Vision Award for a Spanish/Latin American film), Walter Matteson's Pretty Old (Best Documentary Film Award) and Jean-Jacques Jauffret's Heat Wave (Apres Le Sud) (Cinema Nouveau Award).

Short film awards were given to the live-action L Train and the animated The Missing Key.

Most of the winning films will be screened for free next Friday, Saturday and Sunday at SBIFF's traditional Third Weekend, in which a selection of the festival's most popular films are shown free-of-charge to locals during three days of screenings.