Are you kidding?

That's the question parents could be expected to ask the nation's fast-food chains that are pushing so-called "kids' meals" that go way past federal recommendations for healthy portion control.

A report from Mother Jones looked at 10 meals marketed toward children and compared their calorie content with the U.S. government's recommended 410-calorie guideline for such meals.

Carl's Jr., a Carpenteria, Calif.-based chain, had the highest calorie meal tested. Its offering of a kid's cheeseburger, onion rings and a 12-ounce fruit punch drink came in more than double the federal suggested calorie count, at 990 calories.

Even the lowest-calorie of the top 10, KFC's L'il Bucket fried chicken meal, came in at 570 calories.

Here, according to Mother Jones, are the 10 highest calorie kids' meals out there.