Cardi B’s boyfriend, Tommie, might not want to tune into this season of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” On last Monday’s Season 7 premiere, Cardi and new cast member SwiftOnDemand got a little flirty, but things escalated between them in episode 2.

During Monday’s show, Cardi meets up with Swift in the studio to work on some music. Cardi wants to prove to her boyfriend, who’s in jail, that she’s in the studio working so she asks Swift if they can take a picture together so she can post it on Instagram. Swift is hesitant to take the picture because his girlfriend back in London doesn’t like him hanging around Cardi.

Cardi wants to take the photo anyway and when she does snap their picture together, Swift leans in and kisses her. Later in the episode, Cardi tells Bianca that Swift isn’t her man but she’s not mad that he kissed her.

Swift and Cardi weren’t the only ones doing a little flirting in episode 2. New cast member Snoop found herself in the dog house after her girlfriend, J Adrienne, saw a video online of Snoop getting a little too cozy with another woman. In the episode, Snoop accompanies Rich Dollaz and DJ Self to an open mic to see if they can find artists for their labels. DJ Self has his eye on a singer named Sofie Green but Snoop swoops in and tries to get Sofie to sign to her label. There’s a little flirting going on between Sofie and Snoop, and Sofie invites Snoop to be a guest on her sex and relationship podcast. Snoop agrees to come on and says she’s going to bring some samples from her sex toy line.

During the podcast, Snoop and Sofie ramp up their flirting. At one point, Sofie takes an Instagram video as she feeds Snoop a strawberry. Well, Snoop’s girlfriend sees the video and is furious over it. J Adrienne starts packing her bags and yells at Snoop for flirting with Sofie. J Adrienne threatens to leave, but Snoop is the one who ends up walking out of the apartment when J Adrienne refuses to calm down.

Another couple having some relationship drama is new cast member DJ Drewski and his girlfriend Sky. Sky isn’t happy that Bianca is reaching out to Drewski about them working together. Sky knows her boyfriend and Bianca have a little history together and tells him that things better remain professional between them. Drewski promises that nothing is going on. Bianca, however, tells Cardi that she wants to take Drewski from Sky.

Kimbella and Juelz Santana also go through a few problems on episode 2. Kimbella and Juelz have come a long way in their relationship, and Kimbella wants to make sure they remain on good terms, but Juelz is doing things to upset her. At one point in Monday’s show, Kimbella gets upset when Juelz is late to a family lunch she planned. She also confronts him about him staying out all night to work in the studio. Kimbella tells the rapper that she’s not OK with him coming home that late, and warns him about having females in the studio with him.

Papoose and Remy Ma also make an appearance on the episode. Remy and Papoose’s kids want to get into the music business and Papoose wants to help them out. Remy, on the other hand, wants her kids to know that they’re going to have to work hard and she’s not going to take it easy on them. After hearing her son and daughter rap, Remy tells them that they did alright but she needs to see how they sound with music.