Thomas Gottschalk has hosted his last episode of Wetten, dass..? after more than 20 years on the air.

On Saturday, the 61-year-old longtime host celebrated the end of his run on the popular German TV show with special guests like Karl Lagerfeld, Jessica Biel and NBA star Dirk Nowitzki.

Lenny Kravitz and Meatloaf also honored Gottschalk with musical performances on the show, which was watched by some 15 million viewers, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Gottschalk's exit comes just one year after an incident involving Samuel Koch, a 23-year-old gymnast who became a quadriplegic during a stunt that went horribly wrong. During the December 2010 live broadcast, Koch failed to jump over a moving car that was driven by his father, leaving the young man paralyzed from the shoulders down.

Wetten, dass..? which translates to the American equivalent, Wanna Bet? has been on German TV since 1981. Gottschalk is only the show's fourth host, behind veterans Frank Elstner, Wolfgang Lippert and Michelle Hunziker (who has co-hosted since 2009).

Over the years, Gottschalk and Wetten, dass..? have welcomed international superstars like Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Michael Douglas, Michael Jackson, Heidi Klum, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others. On the music front, the show has been visited by everyone from Coldplay to Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga to Madonna, Bryan Adams, Backstreet Boys and David Bowie.

In November, Gottschalk was honored with a Bambi award for TV Event of the Year.

Thomas Gottschalk's success with 'Wetten, dass..?' is unique. It is because of him that families sit down in front of the TV on Saturday evening. He doesn't need a script and doesn't play a role; viewers sense that an appreciate it . . . he has the talent to deliver spontaneous punch lines and the instinct for the right words at the right moment, the Bambi jury said at the time.

Longtime Wetten, dass..? network ZDF has yet to announce Gottschalk's replacement.

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