“Thor: Ragnarok” star Tom Hiddleston is quite excited for his character Loki’s development in the upcoming Marvel movie, since he gets to team up with the half brother he so clearly loathes.

All throughout the “Thor” franchise, as well as some “Avengers” films, Loki always butts heads with Thor (Chris Hemsworth), therefore making Thor indifferent to Loki’s evil plans. But this time around, the two of them will team up to defeat a new villain - Hela (Cate Blanchett).

“The idea that Thor might be indifferent to Loki is troubling for him, because that’s a defining feature of who his character is. I don’t belong in the family; my brother doesn’t love me; I hate my brother. The idea that his brother’s like, ‘Yeah, whatever.’ it’s an interesting development,” he told Slash Film.

But “Ragnarok” is different because the two have no choice but to rely on one another. “The two of them are placed in such an extraordinary situation where everything is unfamiliar; that their familiarity, literally as family members, becomes important,” he said.

When asked to define Loki, Hiddleston was hard pressed to do so. “I think he’s a mercurial spirit, and the minute you try to define him, he changes shape. He is the shape shifter in the pantheon, although events in ‘Ragnarok’ try and inspire to change him forever, I think,” he said.

Thor and Loki will be getting help from a new character named Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) in defeating Hela, but Hela herself would have a sidekick of her own - Skurge the Executioner (Karl Urban).

Urban told Trek Movie that his character made the decision to fight for Hela not because he admires her, but because he was left with no other choice.

“My character is operating the Bifrost device and suddenly Cate Blanchett walks through the Bifrost and I very astutely realized I either joined her or die,” Urban said. “So my character is a survivalist. The journey of Skurge is really ‘OK, now you made a pact with the devil and it comes with a price.’ That price is constantly upped through the movie and that is his journey.”