The UK's GMB union has said thousands of public sector workers in the country are getting at risk warning letters, dampening the upcoming holidays, the BBC has reported.

The union said a miserable Christmas is staring workforces in face with as many as 87,374 posts under threat so far at 107 UK councils.

Nearly all local authorities have until 31 March to start making savings and by law have to give staff 90 days' notice, according to the report.

The looming firing of workers follow large reductions in council budgets as the government took up severe austerity measures. The report says union officials are mulling the course of action to face down the unprecedented situation.

Every job lost is a personal tragedy and often a family left despairing for their future. ... What sort of Christmas is it going to be for the council workers under notice of redundancy? GMB national secretary Brian Strutton was quoted by BBC.

The union says jobs of social workers, school dinner ladies, meals on wheels providers, refuse collectors, youth workers, and home helps are under threat.

According to UK's official unemployment data released earlier in the month, the number of jobless people increased by 35,000 to 2.5 million in the three months to October. The Office for National Statistics data showed most of the fresh job losses from the public sector.