Is it too show-bizzy of us to be less excited about the revelations in Joe McGinnis's apparently hair-raising, 320-page Sarah Palin bio and more eager for a Tina Fey dramatization of it on SNL this fall?

National Enquirer but have not been denied by McGinnis's' reps. Word from the Palin camp will probably wait a few beats for some serious strategizing.

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For anyone out there who hasn't already hashed this through while hanging out at the water cooler (or who knows, oil drum?), there are three particularly lurid accusations:

>> During a 1987 NBA event called The Great Alaska Shoot-out, schoolgirl hoops star Palin seduced pro baller Glen Rice. Is that an overly euphemistic way of saying she hauled his ass down, as a friend of Palin's is quoted as saying? The book supposedly further postulates that Plain had a fetish for black men.

>> The Rice incident was not the last of the Barracuda's crimes against her relationship with then-boyfriend Todd. The book supposedly asserts that, though Palin has previously denied it, she had a six-month relationship with her husband's business partner in the mid-'90's.

>> Finally, per Enquirer, McGuinness's book claims Palin was once seen snorting cocaine off the top of a 55-gallon drum while snowmobiling with friends. Todd also was on the end of the straw plenty, and Palin smoked pot with a professor while at Mat-Su College.

Add it all up, and that's what we call gettin' mavericky.

You betcha.