A reboot of the 80sThunderCats animated series from the Warner Bros is on the anvil. With an official tweet about the cats revealed by writer ,Todd Casy, there has been a virtual wake up call all over the net world.

Warner Bros along with Japan's Studio 4°C are busy giving a modern look to the 80s cats .All the six characters of the original, Lion-O, Cheetara Panthroa, Tygra, and the twins wilykat and wilykit are being resurrected.

ThunderCats producer, Ethan Spaulding, spoke to MTV Splash about the series and the new 21st century look that they are going to give the series. The look will be more dark in terms of muted colours, he revealed . The costumes have also received some tweaking, with the leotards and trunks of the original swapped for pants, vests, and what looks like actual armor.

He said since ThunderCats was originally done in Japan hence its origins will be respected in the new look.

 According o him Tygra will be the surprise as the he will be made into a cooler character and yes he will be carrying the whip on his belt.
Parthos will continue with his nunchuck and claws but with a new modern twist. The new deisgns are sent to Japan for a pass as it is a collaborative effort, he added.

He did not reveal much about the story line except that the Third Earth will be there but the story will be much simpler. The evil Mumm-Ra and the mutants from Plun-Darr were not mentioned.

The 80 animation series still has loyal followers out there who are watching and awaiting every detail of the reboot. And as is the case with nostalgia, all changes will be looked at with not jaundiced eyes but eager cats’ eyes.

ThunderCats is scheduled to premiere later this year on Cartoon Network