A tour bus with 40 people inside fell off a cliff in Tibet Saturday, China’s state news agency reported. The number of casualties was still being verified.

The tour bus fell off a cliff after it crashed into a sport-utility vehicle and a pick-up truck at 4:25 p.m., local time, in Nyemo county in southern Tibet, the Xinhua news agency. Xinhua had photos of the scene of the crash, where rescue workers and authorities were shown getting a gurney to assist one of the casualties. Other photos showed the tour bus upside-down, a passenger transferred away from the scene and passengers belongings gathered away from the scene.

The injured were taken to hospitals in Lhasa, Tibet’s administrative capital, the Associated Press reported. Passengers on the tour bus were from the Chinese provinces of Anhui, Shandong and Hebi, as well as the city of Shanghai, BNO News reported