Tiffani Lynn Barganier and Jeremie Calo had sex on a table while they were still at a restaurant, according to The Smoking Gun. The Florida couple, both 32, couldn’t wait and instead of getting a room they got it on in a public place, according to the site.

The pair were apprehended for their impulsive, lewd act on Monday by police after they allegedly had sex on top of a top at an outdoor restaurant in Orange County.

Several customers at the restaurant complained to the manager of the establishment, Tom Murphy, about the couple, especially because they were in view of minor children, the police report stated.

Before calling the authorities, the manager tried to take matters into his own hand. He went over to the couple and asked them to stop, but Calo replied that his girlfriend “can't get up at this time."

Murphy said he threatened Calo with calling the police if he didn’t pay for his $101 bill, but the man refused. When he was given the check he simply wrote the word, “No,” on it, according to the store’s manager.

As a result, Murphy called 911, but as he was trying to get a hold of the authorities, Calo allegedly tried to leave to establishment, two of the restaurant’s glasses in hand. That’s when he was stopped by one of the employees.

A scuffle between Calo and Murphy ensued. Murphy and two of his employees wound up holding Calo down until the police arrived.

Calo is now will face charges for fighting with the manager and refusing to pay his bill, WKMG-TV reports.

Surprisingly, he will not be facing any sex charges because the witnesses did not want to write statements for police when they arrived at the scene.