Tiger Woods held a press conference on Friday to issue a public apology to his family, friends, fans and co-workers for his irresponsible and selfish behavior and said he may be back to play golf, even possibly this year.

Woods admitted to having been unfaithful, said he had affairs and cheated on his wife Elin Nordregren. He said he has received therapy and will continue to receive treatment for the issues he is facing, starting from tomorrow.

I know I have bitterly disappointed all of you. I have made you question who I am and how could I've done the things I did. I'm embarrassed I have put you in this position. For all I have done, I'm so sorry, Woods said at the press conference where his mother Kutilda Woods listened, often looking down at the floor.

His wife Elin, was not at the press conference.

This event marks the first time that Woods has spoken in public after stories of his infidelities started to emerge.

Woods admitted thinking his hard work, money and fame had entitled him to enjoy all kind of temptations.

I knew my actions were wrong but I convinced myself that normal rules did not apply, he said. Instead I thought only about myself. I didn't think about who I'd harm.

Woods also apologized to his business partners and everyone involved in his foundation, staff, sponsors, and young students. He thanked the PGA tour and the players for their patience and understanding.

I do plan to return to golf one day but just don't know when.  I don't rule out that it will be this year, Woods said.