Postponed due to forecasted rain, the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees take the field Thursday night for Game 4 of the American League Championship series at Comerica Park.

Game Four will be played at 4:07 pm, when Game Five was originally scheduled. The inclement weather began 15 minutes after the game was officially pushed back.

The Tigers are currently up 3-0, but should the Yankees force a Game Five, there has been no official announcement for when that game will be played. Both teams could lose their off day as a result of Wednesday’s postponement, meaning the Yankees might have to win four games in as many days.

“Initially, the forecast we got from the local provider here, there was going to be a moderate [storm] cell moving in at 8:30. Having to pull a tarp 30 minutes into a game, I don’t think it’s positive for the players or the fans,’’ said Peter Woodfork, MLB’s senior vice president of baseball operations. “Looking at it, in hindsight, it didn’t come. Obviously, you have to trust forecasters or weathermen, which isn’t always the greatest thing."

The starting pitchers remain the same with Detroit right-hander Max Scherzer opposing Yankee ace CC Sabathia. The postponement also puts Sabathia’s ability to pitch Sunday’s Game Seven out of reach, as he would only have two days of rest if New York stages a comeback.

Rain is forecasted in the Detroit area Thursday, but is expected to die down around 2 p.m.

The game will be broadcast by TBS, and can be watched online by purchasing MLB TV here.