According to celebrity style expert Tim Gunn, Hillary Clinton is not making it work.

During his Tuesday appearance on "Lopez Tonight," the "Project Runway" star mocked the Secretary of State's fashion sense.

"Why must she dress that way?" 57-year-old Gunn quipped. "I think she's confused about her gender [with] all these big, baggy menswear tailored pantsuits."

His comments caused audible discomfort among some "Lopez Tonight" audience members.

"No, I'm really serious," he added. "[They're] unflattering."

Lopez asked how Clinton could "hide her cankles," and Gunn responded that it is just a matter of adjusting her hemline.

"Well, if her pants didn't stop an inch above her ankle, she could hide the cankle!"

While he may be less than impressed with her style, Gunn noted that he is impressed with her work in politics.

"I have great respect for her intellect and her tenacity and for what she does four our country in her governmental role," he said. "I just wish she could send a stronger message about American fashion."

The comments played poorly among feminists and transgender advocates, who saw the words as evidence of the double standard faced by women in public life and the oversimplified understanding of gender.

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