Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum knew he needed to shed some unwanted pounds before spring training, prompting him to drop 22 pounds. But it wasn't just diet and exercise; Lincecum had to give up his vice: McDonald's and fast food.

You take your first bite of a McDonald's burger and it's like 'Why did I buy this?' Lincecum told Yahoo Sports. You feel instantly sick. That's what ended up happening with all these places and why I started eliminating them. I take a bite and I'm like 'I can't even finish this.'

Lincecum said he weighed nearly 200 pounds and decided to lose some weight. Now at 175 pounds, he lost the weight by munching on healthier alternatives instead of gorging on fast food.

I just started going for stuff that made me feel better. I'm not crushing vegetables by any means, but I'm definitely eating better, he said, adding his meals now consist of steak, a lot of chicken, potatoes and pasta.

Lincecum has publically admitted his diet habits in the past, detailing his typical order from West Coast fast food chain, In-N-Out burger back in March.

Three Double-Doubles. Two fries. A chocolate-strawberry shake. Ketchup please, but hold the lettuce and tomatoes, he told USA Today. I'm not a big vegetable guy.

According to USA Today, his calorie intake from an In-N-Out visit totals 3,150 calories.

While he has eradicated some of his over-indulgent eating habits, Lincecum said eating has caught up with him but he still sometimes gorges on tacos from Tacolicious.

View the video below of Tim Lincecum talking about his new eating habits, post-weight loss.