Tim Tebow and Katy Perry don't have a thing, Denver's QB has assured a room full of kids.

Tim Tebow put the rumors about him and Katy Perry to bed on Monday when a child asked him point-blank if he has a thing with the buxom, blue-haired pop singer, E! Online reported.

The query came while Tebow, who is famously girlfriend-less, was out on a community-service appointment, reading books and speaking about dyslexia with 100 kids at the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in South Los Angeles on Monday.

In what was supposed to be a nice opportunity to connect with the youth (as well as a great photo-opp to boost his good-guy image), one fan summoned his inner reporter and got to the bottom of the whole Tim Tebow and Katy Perry thing (or non-thing, according to Tebow).

There have been rumors swirling that Katy Perry's parents want her to date Tim Tebow, the purest of all the NFL's quarterbacks, according to ABC News.

And Perry, who recently split with husband Russell Brand, had a special message for him on Saturday, during which she sang a song for him in which she sang I wanna see your peacock, E! reported.

But Tebow, an avowed virgin on behalf of his strong Christian beliefs, apparently isn't going to be showing her much more than his skills on the gridiron.