Tim Tebow may have been cut from the New York Jets on Tuesday, but he already has his fair share of suitors. The Legends Football League, previously known as the Lingerie Football League, has offered the backup QB a chance to coach the league’s 12 teams.

On Tuesday, Legends Football League President Mitchell Mortaza sent Tebow’s agent a letter offering a very special coaching opportunity. Tebow would not be just a coach for a team, coaching such teams as the Baltimore Charm, Philadelphia Passion or the Los Angeles Temptation, but to be the league’s national QB coach.

TMZ had the exclusive from Mortaza, who said in the statement, “Now that it appears Mr. Tim Tebow's career in the National Football League may be coming to an end, we at Legends Football League would like to extend him an offer to become our Quarterbacks Coach nationally.” Mortaza’s letter is light on specific details, such as salary or travel logistics for Tebow to act as a QB coach for 12 teams, but it does offer Tebow the chance to wind up with an unlikely partner.

Tebow started just two games for the New York Jets in 2012, going 1-1 and attempting just eight passes, and is not considered to be starting QB material. Tebow’s NFL options will most likely see the QB serve as a backup for a team with an established starting quarterback.

Tebow has been the topic of many trade talks prior to his release, but the Jets failed to find a team that wanted the former Florida Gator standout. With the selection of West Virginia QB Geno Smith in the second round of the NFL Draft 2013, the Jets had six quarterbacks on their roster.

With starting quarterback Mark Sanchez unlikely to get released, along with backup Greg McElroy and Smith being an unsigned draft pick, Tebow was expendable, and chances are the Jets will release two more quarterbacks by the time the 2013 NFL season begins.

Angela Rypien, daughter of Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien and QB for the Baltimore Charm in the LFL, had fun with the possibility of Tebow joining the league, saying she would be happy to work with him on Twitter. With Tebow’s Christian values, it’s highly unlikely the former Jets QB will ever join the LFL, but stranger things have happened.