Tim Tebow the New York Jets back-up quarterback, at least at the time of this writing, will be introduced again by the New York Jets in a press conference at noon today.

This is a bit unique as the Jets already hosted a conference call with the media, which is standard procedure when a free agent joins a new team. Generally full press conferences are organized when there is a major signing.

Tebow may be expected to discuss where else he might feel comfortable playing on the field. Those questions come from Rex Ryan quotes from this weekend at the NFL spring meetings where he insisted that while Tebow is the second string quarterback, he has other value.

Tim Tebow is our No. 2 quarterback. But he's also going to do other things for this football team, Ryan told Newsday. Let's not just look at him as a quarterback. I look at him as a football player. Let's not hear about what guys can't do. Let's talk about what they can do. I see a guy with a lot of ability, and we're going to (use) that.

Ryan did not specifically discuss where else he might use Tebow, but fans and media have speculated that Tebow might make a good wildcat quarterback, an H-back, the blocking back on punts, or even a red zone wide receiver.

We'll see, the thing about him is he is smart, athletic, tough and an unbelievably great competitor, Ryan said. We're going to build a football team, but (offensive coordinator) Tony (Sparano) is creative, I think we are all creative. ... We feel Tim is a guy that can really help us. He is a quarterback, no question he's a quarterback, but his skills I see as a football player, that gets me excited.

None of this is going to stop some segment of the Jets fanbase to continue to clamor for Tebow to replace Sanchez full time under center, but perhaps the Jets can find other ways to use Tebow's 6'3 236 pound frame and rushing skills.