At the end of the regular season, Tim Tebow was probably the most popular player in the NFL, if not the entire U.S. sports world.

Now, it looks like the quarterback will most likely be traded.

Peyton Manning will reportedly sign with the Denver Broncos. That means Tim Tebow is likely on his way out of the Mile-High City.

If Denver is looking to move Tebow, where will he play in 2012?

Since Manning was first linked to Denver, there has been much speculation as to where Tebow might land. A few weeks later, there has been a lot of movement in free agency, and the teams with a legitimate shot to land him have become clearer.

The online sportsbook, Bovada, has posted odds for where Tebow will play this upcoming season.

According to the website, Tebow will most likely be traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bovada places his odds of playing for the Jaguars at +150.

The second best odds also have Denver trading Tebow to a team in Florida. The site lists the odds of Tebow playing for the Miami Dolphins at +175.

ESPN is reporting that the Broncos will trade Tebow once Manning signs, but there are still odds for Tebow staying in Denver. The site places the odds of Tebow remaining with the Broncos at +175.

The Patriots and Browns are listed as longshots to acquire Tebow. They come in at +700 and +1200 respectively.