Alec Baldwin has always made his love for politics known. The 30 Rock actor is currently in the middle of his contract with NBC until 2013, but Baldwin said that he may consider a run for office when it is up.

Well I have a contract with NBC to work for them through some point in 2013, right now I'm just looking at what's in front of me and finishing that, Baldwin said. And then, it is something that I would love to do. Let's see what things are like in 2014 and maybe I can find some opportunity.

Baldwin made headlines last week when he sent a tweet suggesting that he would be leaving the hit show, 30 Rock.

I think I'm leaving NBC just in time, Baldwin tweeted last week because he said NBC's Today show crew was camped outside of his house.

However, he later clarified his tweet and said that he was staying on the show, but that it would probably end next year.

To do that, I would have have to do it next year and I think I'm doing the TV show next year, Baldwin said last night at the Tisch Gala. Like I had to decide if I wanted to continue with the show and I do want to stay with the show. Whether we get picked up or not is the real question. When people say I'm going to leave the show, I mean that is something I contemplated, but more importantly I wonder if the network is going to continue us because NBC, which I love, they've been very good to me, they need to get some type of lift in their weight.

But, one thing Baldwin is passionate about is funding for education or the arts and that would be an important issue he would focus if elected to office, possibly event the presidency.

One thing I would try to do, which is apropos of why we are here tonight, is to try to get more money for people to go to college, Baldwin continued. What do you care if the person is black, white, female, Asian, whether they're from Alabama, Alaska, Manhattan? Every dime we spend, we invest in our future in science, technology, the arts is going to come back and pay dividends. We have to spend more on our money on young people and our future.