The first update for "Tom Clancy's The Division" arrives next week with some very important changes to the game. While many players are still satisfied with their experience, some are clamoring for a few more things to do within "The Division." Update 1.1, to be released April 12, will likely satisfy most criticisms with a new incursion, trading among teammates, changes with the Dark Zone and the addition of a Gear Score for players currently at the level cap of 30.

"The Division" was such a hit with players that they raced to reach the level limit of 30 to begin the endgame, or what's left to do online after completing their character's progression. Incursions, the first free endgame downloadable content, adds several features for players and a new mission. Falcon Lost is set in a water-treatment facility that has been turned into a stronghold for the Last Man Battalion in the Stuyvesant area. Players must be at level 30 and have completed the "General Mission" to access the first Incursion. Falcon Lost is balanced for a 4-player squad with high-level gear, according to the patch notes, which means every character should be equipped with Superior (Purple) or High-End (Gold) gear.

The most important feature to be added with next week's update will be the Gear Score. The level progression is still capped at 30, but non-vanity gear now has a value. The higher the Gear Score, the better the item. A player's Gear Score will let them unlock the most difficult missions. Completing these missions could unlock rare Gear Sets with their own set of enhanced abilities.

There will be a few tweaks to "The Division" that could make players keep coming back to the game. Daily and weekly assignments will be automatically added to the "Mission Overview" menu. Assignments categories are for Combat, Dark Zone and Crafting. The Dark Zone, the integrated multiplayer area where players are free to do as they see fit, will now receive timed supply drops of non-contaminated items. These drops are global affairs, which means there will be a lot of players trying to get their hands on the loot.

Trading within the group is another gameplay feature added to "The Division" with next week's update. Players just need to drop loot on the ground to swap gear within the group.

Next week's update includes some gameplay changes to improve the difficulty balance within "The Division." Turrets will no longer suppress enemies, while Level 31 and Level 32 enemies drop more Phoenix Credits. Crafting will become more difficult with the new update. It will take 10 Standard materials to craft a single Specialized material and 15 Specialized materials to craft one High-End material. It will take 10 High-End materials, up from eight, to craft a single High-End item.