David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are reportedly feuding over the soccer player's close friendship with Tom Cruise, OK! Magazine reported Wednesday. The news comes amid reports that the couple is heading for a divorce, and "barreling towards splitsville" by splitting their "financial empire."

According to OK! Magazine, David's friendship with Cruise is “stirring up trouble” for Victoria. The 42-year-old “can’t stand” Cruise and his faith towards the Church of Scientology.

“It’s become a big issue,” the report said, citing a source. “There have been multiple fights. She’s always been concerned about the way Tom pushes his beliefs on them.”

The report also alleged that Katie Holmes' ex-husband told the Beckhams that their son Romeo’s reported epilepsy could be treated by Scientology.

“That really upset Victoria, and she worries about Tom’s influence over David,” the source reportedly said, adding: “David understands Tom overstepped regarding Romeo, but he believes it’s in the past. He likes Tom and wishes Victoria would move on.”

However, Gossip Cop debunked the OK! Magazine report, saying that Victoria is not feuding with David over Cruise and nor has she asked her husband to end his friendship with the "Mission Impossible" star.

Cruise's adherence to Scientology has not only been rumored to have caused trouble for Victoria and David, but also for himself. Recently, Daily Mail reported that Holmes and Cruise divorced because the actress feared she would lose their daughter Suri Cruise to Scientology.