Tina Drouin got herself into a pickle.

The 49-year-old Massachusetts woman allegedly punched a worker at Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs in the Quincy Center commuter station on Saturday at about 2 p.m. for putting “too many pickles” on a steak and cheese sandwich, a local television station reports.

Drouin started complaining loudly, saying the sub maker was "putting too much s--t" on her sandwich, the Associated Press reports. When Drouin was refused a refund, she punched the worker.

“She threw a punch right at me and decided to push over two big glass jars of pickles and completely shattered on the floor,” Carmen Bolton said.

Drouin fled, but Bolton caught up and held her until police arrived, CNN reports.

“She seemed very distraught over the condition of her sandwich. I’m not sure if she came in with some emotional issues to begin with,” said Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Deputy Supt. Robert Lenehan.

After the incident, Drouin complained about neck pain and was transported to a nearby hospital, according to MBTA Transit Police.

Police said Drouin faces an assault charge and will appear before Quincy District Court.