Happy Independence Day! What better way is there to spend the 4th of July without some dedicated iOS apps? Here are the top 10 apps meant only for the special historical day:

Magic Puzzles: Independence Day – This themed Magic Puzzle game is available for free specially for the celebrations regarding the 4th of July. The player’s aim is to solve several pictures which will bring out the culture, traditions and art of the country. The game is divided into four difficulty levels and is easy to control the parts. The game is designed for iPad

Independence Day – This $1.99 game salutes all the World War II air fighters. Classic air planes like BF109G, FW190, Stuka, Spitfire, RED MIG, Yak, P40, P51, Zero and Kamikaze have been included. The game will offer up to six perfect classic battles, more than 5 rich scenes and an option to create individual fighters. Classic air campaigns including the Normandy landing, airborne, air Berlin and Tokyo have been introduced. The game is available for the iPhone.

101+ Happy Independence Day Cards – A collection of more than 150 Independence Day Cards which can be shared via Facebook or Twitter. The app has been designed to celebrate the free spirit of the country. The cards can also be sent via Email or SMS from your iPhone. The app is available for $0.99.

Independence Day multimedia book for iPad – A complete interactive multimedia book for iPad about the Independence Day. The aim of this app is to provide you with all the information about the American Independence. More than 100 pages of structured information about the history and celebration of Independence Day in US have been provided along with historical materials and hi-definition photos of the original sources. The app is available for $0.99.

WordSeek Independence Day – This free app for iPhone is an amazing word search game. The game offers you to challenge the clock and beat your own previous best times. You will just have to find the hidden words in the grid provided. Up to 18 words are to be found in each puzzle.

Independence Photo Effects – The app will enable both iPhone and iPad users to add effects to their photos. The effects include fireworks, picnic, stars and stripes and several backgrounds. Photos can be uploaded from the library with enhanced opacity and snap tools options. The app is costs $1.99.

American Independence: 4th JulyAmerican Independence : 4th July is a free app for iPhone which gives you all the information about the country. Details such as the list of country’s presidents, Declaration of Independence and patriotic quotes have also been included. A set of wallpapers for your iPhone is also provided.

Chess Pro – This app will be available till July 5 to celebrate independence for iPhone. The app is meant for professional chess players who look to improvise on their game skills. Three difficulty levels (Regular, Suicide and Losers) have been included in the game with attractive 3D themes. A game can also be saved. The app is available for $0.99.

iJuly4th iJuly is a unique photo personalization app. This $0.99 app helps you convert your photos taken via iPhone into beautiful images with high resolution graphics. The app also provides a list of all the July 4th events.

Independence Day (Audiobook) – The app, which is an audiobook, contains a professional recording of Independence Day. Independence Day is a relentlessly thoughtful, heart-wrenching, yet hilarious portrait of an ordinary American man. The app comes with background playback and retina display and also allows you to note down thoughts while you listen. The app, however, is costly and is available for $25.99.