Global employer branding organization Universum has released its 2011 rankings of the Ideal Employers to work for, based on the responses of over 13000 students in the United Kingdom studying in the five major disciplines of business/commerce; engineering/IT; natural science: humanities/liberal arts & education, and law.

The rankings reveal that after a particularly bad run in 2010 - reflecting the effects of the recession - banks this year are back with a bang among the most preferred employment destinations of students in the UK, with four of them in the top 10. Most of them have climbed several notches upward since the last rankings and some have even managed to improve on their 2009 ranks.

However, next-gen companies with a reputation for innovation and top public recall - such as Apple and Google - continue to dominate the list, bagging top honors among both business and engineering/IT students.

The Big Four (in consulting) too continue to be a tight pack, with two of them in the top 10.

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