Video games have the ability to entertain yet with so many titles focusing on violence, drugs, and sex, some developers are looking towards creating games for positive social impact that can change the world. These games seek to develop social activity for stronger communities, teaching life skills and creating awareness for the environment. 

Jane McGonigal, a game research director at the Institute for the Future, has been promoting messages to encourage social change and productivity using games.  At a recent video game conference, she presented these topics in order to influence current and future developers of game's potential for global change.

I have been going around trying to get this idea accepted. Playing games is the single most productive thing we can do with our time and we can use games to change the world.

McGonigal believes that people can play more games in the future but only if meaningful games are created.  The video game market can see huge growth through the development of positive impactful gaming. 

An example she used was a game prototype she developed herself which assisted her in the healing process after she suffered a concussion.  The injury caused major depression due to her inability to read or write.  Her solution was using video games to generate positive emotions and accomplishment.  The result was a game called Jane the Concussion Slayer which played a role in her recovery, saving her life. 

Organizations such as have developed communities of gamers and developers who share the vision of playing impactful games.  Their ethos are based on games that bring positive impact to real lives and the real world. and McGonigal both call developers to develop games that generate positive influences placing responsibility on them to make a difference in society, and the global community.

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