It might be a bit late to come up with a Halloween costume idea, but if you are looking for some last-minute extra touches for your evening's spooktastic revelry, check out some of these apps.

First, for $1, there is the obligatory “Angry Birds” Halloween theme, complete with goblins, costumes and an all-new orange bird. The Halloween app for iOS is free, however, and it's got all the scary ringtones and music you need. Also free is the “Halloween-Android Ghost Detector.” Download it and you can talk to the ghosts your device finds with its electromagnetic field detection.

In the games department, there is the free app “Halloween Slots.” It's the “Blockbuster Slot” game with a Halloween theme, and is available from the Android Market. Then there is “Bubble Blast Halloween” if you are more of a puzzle games person. The screen is filled with skulls and goblin bubbles that you tap to make them pop. It sets off a chain reaction and pops the other bubbles. Below is a video of the game in action.

The last free app here is the “Halloween Live Wallpaper.” It's got a 4.4 rating in the Android Market and the interactive 3D wallpaper shows witches and pumpkins flying around your screen. The best part is the app uses little power, so you won't drain your battery while it's running.

If you want to go all out, there are some $1 apps worth checking out. “Carve It! Pumpkin Carving” is a pumpkin carving simulator for kids. Drag your finger to carve and be as creative as you want. This one is just for the Apple folks. For adults, there is “Zombie Booth: 3D Zombifier.” Take a photo with your mobile device and turn your normal friends into terrifying zombies. The effects are pretty realistic, maybe not for the little ones, and it's available for Apple and Android.

Let us know if you have a favorite Halloween app or if any of these freaked you out. (We're looking at you “Zombie Booth!”)