A top 10 romantic marriage proposal is the dream of every would-be proposer, but not everyone can come up with a truly original idea to set their special day apart.

The guys in these marriage proposal videos find ways to go above and beyond in order to impress the women in their lives.

Let us know in the comments if there are any other great ones that we missed.

Top 10 Romantic Marriage Proposal Videos:

Here's the all-time greatest marriage proposal, in which a man makes a romantic film for his girlfriend and surprises her with it at the local multiplex:

This is a romantic, beautifully filmed marriage proposal on a dock in Oregon, replete with live guitar, rain and friends:

This lucky girl was whisked away for an amazing proposal:

This marriage proposal begins with an unbelievably elaborate mob song-and-dance routine:

This guy somehow got his marriage proposal posted on a screen in Times Square, New York:

This may or not be real, but it's one of the most shocking proposals you're likely to see in your lifetime:

This is a simple but sweet military marriage proposal (the guy is in uniform and all his fellow troops are watching):

This fireman found a fun way to propose to his girl while on the job:

This guy literally set up a whole song-and-dance at Disneyland for his proposal:

This is a unique flash mob proposal at The Venetian resort in Las Vegas: