Here’s a list of five best iPhone, iPad apps released last week:

Verbs 2.0, an update of Verbs 1.0, is an instant messaging client for iPhone. It allows users to stay logged in for up to 7 days. The developer has added push notification functionality via an in-app purchase.

It also has UI and supports GTalk, AIM and MobileMe. Here are some other features:

• The text entry field in the chat grows with text.
• Send chat logs via email.
• Send links in received messages to Instapaper for reading later.
• Horizontal swipe action in the chat view to switch between chats.
• Tap and hold the unified accounts cell to sign in/out of all accounts.
• Pinch gesture to zoom out a conversation.
• Faster buddy list scrolling.
• Now displays AIM buddies “Mobile” status with blue icon.
• Shows buddy presence above the chat previews.
• Fixed the delay when the buddy list favorite header is tapped.
• Resets the keyboard to display alphabets after sending a message.
• Fixed issues with uploading pictures taken from camera.
• Bug fixes and better memory management.

Verbs 2.0 also has the ability to view downloaded Text, PDF, Office and iWork documents and Instapaper, Droplr, and CloudApp support.

It is prices at $2.99 less than its competitor BeeJive IM which is priced at $9.99.

Continuity 2 looks very different from other iPhone, ipad games. Apple is bringing the series out of the free-to-play Flash realm and onto iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) as a universal app with a $0.99 price tag. Continuity 2 for iPhone and iPad has 50 levels, divided into 6 worlds. You re-arrange a video game level to enable your character to find the key and open the red door. At different levels the character has to take electric wires to connect, which makes the game more challenging. With the moving puzzle pieces in the touch screen interface unlike the first, Continuity 2 is easier to play. The game’s gravity is mechanized to change with flipping the device upside down or from side to side. The game can be played on any iOS device.

MyLine is a personal timeliner of all the Facebook history, along with graphics, maps and social feed. You can have a look at your status, pictures, check-ins and attended events in the past and present. It comes with two unique models to experience Facebook in iPad — Past and Present. The display is broken down in all categories including status updates, photos, check-ins and more. You can also like or comment on your friends' posts using MyLine's interface.

Skin Scan is a clinical app that scans skin lesions, takes pictures of them, measures the diameter, and uses an algorithm to determine the likelihood of melanoma. The $4.99 app is a must have for hypochondriacs, but could also prove valuable for anyone who is insecure about a mole, but not insecure enough to pay for a doctor's appointment.

Yamaha's Tenori-On is a grid-based music machine which can produce 16 types of sounds at the same time, and it can remember up to 16 song patterns produced using those sounds. The instrument maker says that the app, TNR-i, is a faithful duplication of the facilities, design and interface of the pioneering Tenori virtual instrument, which consists of a screen, with 16x16 grid of LED switches, which can be activated to create sounds. You can arrange the music time-wise and also in different notes by pressing circles.