The upcoming releases of 3D Android smartphones HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D have been keeping developers busy to produce the latest 3D apps. Google's Android is making a leap into the 3D market ahead of Apple's iPhone and App store thanks to the latest offerings of mobile devices which support 3D display features.

It is unfair to say that Apple is not thinking about the 3D market, though not many rumors have emerged saying the iPad 3 or iPhone 5 mobile devices will possess those capabilities. Apple did file patents regarding 3D images and multiple image sensory in order to pave a way for 3D content in the future. With the company's current contracts with movie film industries, making 3D movies available through Apple's App Store is not a farfetched goal. Even if Apple plans to include 3D content onto the iPhone 5 and App Store, Google already has a head start with Android 3D mobile devices launching as early as this month.

The latest Android 3D apps are being developed ranging from tools, games, apps for camera, map navigation, to video recording. As the HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D are launched we will be able to see new apps that support Android smartphone and tablet devices. Here are some 3D apps that may be in the works.

3D Games (Angry Birds, Homerun Battle, Sky Siege):

A wave of 3D games are in the works along with the ever popular Angry Birds. Rovio Mobile, the creators of the hit game, announced that a 3D Angry Birds version will be hitting the Android Market. Another popular title Homerun Battle will also offer a 3D experience for Android gamers. Multiplayer capability also can be an added perk as players duke it out by connecting over 3G or Wifi.

3D Google Maps:
Users may now view maps in 3D and simplify how they see streets, buildings, and landmarks. Users can select from 2D or swipe to 3D mode where the maps can be rotated, zoomed, and navigated through a 3D world in the palm of your hand.

Camera 3D:
A beta version of this Camera 3D app will allow capturing 3D images using a series of photos. The app renders the multiple images in order to create a 3D photo on your device. The app utilized the device stock camera platform while adding an additional feature for taking additional layer photos. After the photos have been taken, users can render the image into a 3D format by throwing those multiple pictures into the function called Vibrating Stereo.

3D Augmented Reality, Location Tools

An Android 3D app could utilize its GPS and location hardware to track users using augmented reality. The facial recognition sensor can visually display user name and information by capturing real life image through the mobile device. Another interesting use can be for games such as the 3D title called Sky Siege 3D. It integrates augmented reality by panning the mobile device in all directions within any environment. Gamers can then spot enemy aircrafts to target and shoot down.

3D Advertisements:
Marketing companies looking to offer captivating campaigns on 3D devices can look toward new developments which allow enhanced interactions with photos and images. Beyond moving and rotating a 3D image on a mobile device, advertisers can utilize the phone's camera for creative marketing methods. An example of companies utilizing the 3D app features comes from Toyota. The automobile company launched a treasure hunt campaign that required users to download an app from a WAP website and view QR codes through their mobile device to reveal hidden images of Toyota's product.

3D Multiple View Screen:
Apps may allow users to watch 2 different 3D films or games on their screen at the same time. The technology has been utilized by Sony's 3D TV sets and the Android could pick this up onto mobile devices. Users can possibly have split screen viewing of different movies all in 3D.