Charlie Sheen has been in the news a lot recently. Just yesterday the troubled actor managed to shut down production of his hit show for the remainder of the season. Sheen attacked the show's creator in two interviews. The actor went on a profane rambling tirade against Alcoholics Anonymous, party girls, his ex-wife, founding father Thomas Jefferson and the creator of Two and a Half Men. There is no word on whether production will resume next season. The actor also faces the possibility of not appearing in Major League 3 if he does not clean up his act. CEO of Morgan Creek Productions, James G. Robinson, said he is not going to risk putting Sheen in the movie if he continues messing up. In his rant Charlie Sheen said many ridiculous things, a number of which made little sense. Here is a list of the top five most ridiculous things Charlie Sheen has said.  

Click here to hear Sheen's rant and to read his letter to TMZ.