Like the women of Sex and the City escaping to exotic Morocco, you and your girlfriends can also have an unbelievable vacation - no boys allowed!

Whether it's a trip with mother, daughters, sisters, or friends, it's great to get away without having to stop at a football museum, boat show, or being attacked by paintballs.

These girl trips cover all the bases from the relaxing wine tours and spas of Italy to the adventure-packed hills of Laos. Women are traveling together further than ever before in search of high adventure, high culture, and high fun.

The travel industry is also changing, and many tour companies and resorts are catering exclusively to women. These tours and resorts are a great option for women traveling alone too as you won't have to endure the honeymoon couples and will be surrounded by women with similar interests.

Solo female travelers are often hesitant to hit the road, especially in developing countries. However, traveling with women can be just as safe and often twice as fun! Just use common travel precautions such as leaving jewelry at home and wearing similar clothing styles as the locals.

So, break out a bottle of wine and enjoy these top five girls' getaways.

1. Wine & Dine: Orvieto, Italy


Orvieto, Italy (Creative Common/magalibobois)

You probably guessed that Italy would make the list of the top girl getaways, however the chosen destination is a unique place to wine and dine, with easy access to both Rome and Florence. Once off the train from Rome, take a tram up the hill to the small town of Orvieto. The town is known for its historic cobblestone streets that are filled with local pottery and crafts, Orvieto Classico white wine, and the must see Duomo de Orvieto, a 14th century Roman Catholic cathedral. Fill up on the best meal you'll ever have at the outdoor cafes, all with the freshest ingredients. Your jeans may not fit on the way home, but it will be totally worth it.

Getting There:

The best way to get into Oriento is by train from Florence (hour-and-a-half) or Rome (a little over an hour). Once at the station, take the quick tram up to the town.

2. Women-Only Resorts: Surf Goddess, Bali


Seminyak beach near Surf Goddess Resort (Reuters/Nicky Loh)

Surf Goddess Retreat in Bali, Indonesia's got it all when it comes to the perfect girls' getaways. This retreat, which specializes in surfing and yoga, promises both active days at the resort, as well as a full spa and cultural tours through Bali.  The average day at the retreat would start with an hour or two of yoga in the morning followed by surfing and a free afternoon of warm water and sand between your toes.

Getting There:

To get to the Surf Goddess Retreat, fly into Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. The retreat provides complimentary shuttle service between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. There are also free shuttles from other local areas, so contact the retreat for more information.

3. Amazing Spas: The Maldives


General view of the sandy beach of Olhuveli island in Maldives (Reuters/Charles Platiau)

A hidden tropical secret awaits in the Indian Ocean on the paradise islands of the Maldives. With temperatures ranging from 75 to 91°F there's never a bad time to visit.  While the white sand and crystal blue water may be enough for some, there are also a range of top notch spas from COMO Shambhala Retreats, which has the private Cocoa island. Other top rated spas include Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landau Giraavaru and Six Senses Spa. All three have over-the-water private bungalows, so there's no way to go wrong.

Getting There:

There are two international airports and three domestic, so check the Web site of the spa to see which is closest. Many of these luxurious resorts offer complimentary airport pick up services and boats to their private islands.

4. Eco-Friendly Adventure: The Gibbon Experience, Northern Laos


The Gibbon Experience (Creative Commons/thomasmperry)

Atop tree houses in Northern Laos, the adventurous traveler can have both an exotic and eco-friendly experience. All revenues from the project go to protecting the forest and helping to protect the black gibbon monkey, once thought to be extinct. Get back to your childhood by staying in one of the most amazing treehouses on the planet and riding a zipline through the lush forest.
For more information on the Gibbon Experience, visit the Web site

Getting There:

Gibbon Experience is not easily reached, but that's part of the adventure. Visitors can fly into Huay Xai airport from Vientiane, the capital of Laos, although there are only a few flights each week. From there, visitors will be picked up and then trek into the deep forests of the Bokoeo Nature Reserve.

5. Voluntourism Trips: Proworld Women's Empowerment Trips



ProWorld in Peru volunteers and local community members build a preschool in Agua Dulce, Peru. [photo courtesy of ProWorld]

Returning home from a trip, you may feel relaxed and rejuvenated. But, what about feeling as if you've empowered women and changed a life? These trips offer an opportunity for travelers to explore rural areas in exotic locations unreachable by most tourists. ProWorld offers voluntourism trips in locations like Thailand (where tourists help efforts to stop sexual exploitation of young girls) or Peru (to help in job training for young moms).

If you've just returned from an amazing girls' getaway, send us your story for our Recently Returned series!