The top price for Kenyan benchmark grade AA coffee jumped to $630 per 50-kg bag at Tuesday's auction from $514 at the last sale two weeks ago, the Nairobi Coffee Exchange said.

Grade AA fetched $630-$274 per 50-kg bag compared with $514-$328 per bag at the previous sale, while its average price rose to $572.64 per bag from $478.56.

Grade AB sold at $411-$190 per bag, compared with $435-$249 previously.

Kenya is a relatively small producer but its specialty coffees are famous for their high quality and are much sought after for blending with those from other countries.

The NCE said 11,958 bags were offered with 7,574 sold for a total $2.70 million. At the last auction 10,233 bags were offered, with 6,279 sold for a total $2.25 million.