The most anticipated and rumored smartphone, Apple's iPhone 5 is heading toward its release, while a couple of Android rival smartphones- Motorola Droid Bionic and Samsung Galaxy S2 have already come to the U.S., and Google Nexus 4G along with HTC Holiday are coming up next.

Several reports hint at an October arrival of the iPhone 5, and Foxconn Electronics is reportedly producing 150,000 handsets of the upcoming iPhone per day. By the end of 2011, iPhone 5 shipments are expected to reach 22 million units.

Though iPhone 5's arrival won't be unchallenged, here is a list of factors that will make iPhone 5 outclass all its Android rivals.

Currently iOS devices hold the market share half as much as Android OS devices and Apple has tried to catch up with the fast-moving market by suing Samsung, HTC and Motorola, accusing them of infringement to halt their pace.

Apple is delaying the launch of its iPhone to bring it into the limelight among the fans and developers. While it has remained taciturn about the upcoming phone, not a single day has passed without a mention of the speculation or rumor on the iPhone 5. From case leak to the loss of iPhone 5 prototype at a bar, the iPhone has maintained its appeal to its fans.

The iPhone 5, after all, comes from Apple- a brand that appeals to both consumers and critics. Consumers give a lot of importance to the brand, a value-added aspect of products or services. Apple is looked upon as a brand that creates trust and an emotional attachment. According to a study by the global research agency, Millward Brown, Apple has turned out to be the world's most valuable brand and the iPhone 5 is enjoying its glory.

Though Apple has not released much information about the upcoming iPhone, the company has announced the features of its new operating system, iOS 5 on June 6 at the WWDC 2011 and its expected to be released in the third quarter of 2011. Apple's iPhone 5 is expected to run on iOS 5, which will come along with iCloud service and notification center, as well as certain other improvements. The operating system has more than 200 features and a lot of these features are a catch-up with the Android features like newspaper subscription, reminder system, wireless syncing and notification center.

Apple has always updated the design of its iPhone every year. The iPhone 5 is expected to come with a teardrop design and a slimmer and lighter model than the past iPhones. It is expected to come with an aluminum plate casing rather than the current glass backing. 

Apple may also bring a revolutionary wireless charging system to the iPhone 5 which would boost the battery power without having to use cables and plugs. By using a charging dock, the iPhone can charge its battery, sync and update data at the same time.

A driving force behind the success of the Android operating system is its availability in diverse hardwares, which gives the consumers more options to choose between design, shape and size. Apple is planning to expand its market by making its iPhone available in a larger range of carriers. The iPhone 5 is expected to feature international support as the consumers will be able to use the device on a GSM network around the world which will benefit world travelers.

Smartphones with high-end specifications could not steal iPhone 4's popularity. Rumors suggest that iPhone 5 will come with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, an 8 MP dual-LED rear camera, a possible 1 GB RAM (Apple is known to upgrade its device's RAM with every release) and improved battery life.