When last we left the Total Divas at the midseason finale of Season 3, Nikki Bella and John Cena had an intense conversation that left the future of their relationship in question. Now, the fate of the couple has been revealed, and while they're still an item, Nikki's relationship with her sister, Brie, took a hit – literally.

After sitting Cena down for an intervention about his relationship with her sister, Brie all but convinced the pro-wrestling champion to break up with Nikki if he had no plans to marry or have children with her. The midseason premiere began with the two deciding to take a break, leaving Nikki heartbroken. At this point, Nikki had no idea that her sister, mother and brother played a role in putting her relationship on the rocks. Riddled with guilt and pressured by both her mother and husband, Brie confessed to her sister that she had had a conversation with John.

The admission sent Nikki into a frenzy of hurt and bitterness that led to her walk out on her family and declare she no longer wanted anything to do with her sister. Luckily for Cena-Bella shippers, the couple ended their break quickly after John admitted that his time apart from Nikki was no good. Despite everything working out for the best, Nikki and Brie’s relationship was left on the rocks. Things culminated at WWE’s SummerSlam when Brie, alongside her sister, squared off against Stephanie McMahon. As WWE notes, Nikki surprised the arena by turning on her sibling and allowing McMahon to win the match. It looks like there’s a lot more turmoil ahead for the Bella sisters.

The drama didn’t end with the Bella feud. Diva Championship newcomer Paige stirred up controversy by pulling a prank on Nattie. The British wrestler, whom E! Online notes has been in the business for nine years, invited her fellow Diva to a party. While there, Nattie ate a brownie that Paige told her was laced with pot (spoiler alert: It wasn’t). Nattie quickly puked up the “baked” good and hoped she’d never have to speak of the incident again. Unfortunately, days later, Nattie learns that the WWE would be doing one of its random drug tests on her. Thinking her career would be in jeopardy if she went to work, she crashed her car into a dumpster. Paige became so overcome with guilt that she confessed her prank to Nattie and brought a peace offering of toys for her cats. But it was too little, too late, and the Nattie-Paige feud was born.

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