The midseason premiere of “Total Divas” Season 3 returns Jan 4. After a tumultuous first half, the Divas are in total shambles as people exit the show, relationships end and families are at each other’s throats.

After the wedding of Eva Marie, the Bella sisters were confronted with the reality that John Cena is either unwilling or unable to become a husband and father to sustain his relationship with Nikki Bella. After Brie Bella, her mother and brother confronted Cena about his intentions with Nikki, he realized that he can’t offer what she wants. The show ended with him ominously telling his long-time girlfriend, “If you love something, you let it go.”

According to the TV Guide episode synopsis for the premiere, titled “Her Highness,” the new Divas’ Champion will learn the truth about her family’s hand in putting her relationship on the rocks. According to an interview she did ahead of the show’s premiere, Nikki revealed she and Cena are still together, despite his words on the midseason finale.

The big moment when the family finally revealed its role in Nikki and Cena’s current relationship struggles was captured in a sneak preview clip posted below. The fallout from the big news is clearly going to have a major impact on the Bella sisters' already rocky relationship.

“I felt terrible for John, how do you put him in that position?” Nikki told E! “I was beyond shocked that they would do that to me. It was very difficult. It was like, one of those things that you can forgive but you can’t forget.”

In the same interview with E!, Brie Bella teased a “big decision” that she has to make this season, saying that it’s “interesting what the cameras caught.” There is no word yet on what that choice is, but fans of Brie likely won’t want to miss the next chapter in her story.

Bella family drama won’t be the only thing fans can look forward to now that Season 3 is returning. The show will be adding two new Divas to the roster: British wrestler Paige and the first African-American Divas Champion, Alicia Fox. Rumors are circulating that the two newcomers will replace Summer Rae and Naomi, who weren’t included in the 2015 promo for the E! series.

Total Divas” returns to E! on Jan. 4 at 10 p.m. The second half of Season 3 will pick up right where the first half left off.