Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella poses in front of sister Brie Bella just before her championship win at WWE's "Survivor Series" 2014. WWE

The 2014 “Survivor Series” was a big night for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Not only did Team Cena beat Team Authority to take control of the entire company, but the Divas Championship category also has a new top dog: Nikki Bella.

The “Total Divas” star literally wrestled the belt away from previous champion AJ Lee in a not-so-subtle power move made possible by her sister (and personal assistant at the time) Brie Bella. As soon as the match began, Brie planted a kiss of death on Lee’s lips, distracting the champion long enough for Nikki to knock her out for the win.

The Diva won in a controversial move that the audience didn’t see coming. According to the two sisters' WWE bios, there's a long history of bad blood between them, so audience members were shocked to see the duo appear to work together (even if there is clearly still some tension between them, per the video below).

Despite the unusual strategy to take the title, Nikki spoke about the victory to E! Online, insisting there are no hard feelings between her and the former champion.

"We all are professionals here and AJ and I have been working with each other for a while," she told the outlet. "And when you start to work with certain girls, you get excited for them when they win."

The Bella sisters' trick may make many believe that the Total Diva didn’t earn her belt, but she would beg to differ. The star earned her championship bout by coming out as No. 1 in a battle royale on Smack Down, according to the Bleacher Report.

“You watch someone and you see how they are and sometimes you can use that against them," she said of AJ Lee. "She did that kiss of death to Brie's husband, Bryan, at Wrestlemania and she made history; we made new history last night—we did it even quicker. You know when someone thinks they're good at something, you can use it against them, and that's what we did. We did the kiss of death."

It’s unclear what’s next for the Diva Champion now that she’s won the title, but it's got to be a welcome victory for the WWE lady. When last we saw Nikki on her hit reality show, "Total Divas," her boyfriend and WWE champion John Cena broke up with her. According to Entertainment Weekly, the two split over a tiff about marriage. Let's hope the belt is just what the star needs to keep on trucking.