Tom Hanks is keeping fans updated on the upcoming film “Toy Story 4” as he shared a time lapse video of himself heading to Pixar earlier this week.

Hanks has reprised his role as the beloved cowboy Woody, in the “Toy Story” sequel, “Toy Story 4.” Although the movie is set for release in 2018, recording work has already begun for the animation film. In fact, one of Hanks’ work appointments this week included a recording session for Pixar on Tuesday, Dec. 1. The actor even shared a video update of his drive to Oakland, E!News reported. 

In the video, which Hanks shared on his WhoSay page, the actor showed his commute heading to Pixar, along with a quick peek of himself driving. He captioned the 29 second clip, "Back to Oakland! Pixar! Working on #ToyStory4, partners! Hanx."

The “Saving Mr. Banks” actor first shared the “Toy Story 4” production news during an appearance in The Graham Norton Show, according to E!News. Hanks stated during the interview that they were “now recording Toy Story 4.”

“It will be out in 2018, so it takes a long time." He added, "I have a recording session on the second of December."

Apart from recording news, Hanks also shared his difficulties from previous recording sessions in past installments of “Toy Story” movies. He mentioned how his “diaphragm gets a workout” doing recording work. Hanks even recounted how he needed to put ice packs on his chest while driving home, in order to relax it gets “clenched throughout."

Meanwhile, according to Business Standard, the fourth installment of “Toy Story” will be different from the first three movies. “Toy Story 4” will feature a love story in which Woody goes on a quest to find Bo. In the first two “Toy Story” films, Bo was part of Andy’s toy collection, however, she was missing in “Toy Story 3.” In the upcoming “Toy Story 4,” Woody is said to be going out in the world to bring Bo back.

The romantic comedy story plot for the upcoming movie is something that showrunners decided on, given how the first three “Toy Story” movies were all linked together. Pixar’s Ed Catmull told The Hollywood Reporter that they were going on a “different direction” with “Toy Story 4.”

“In the case of Toy Story, we had basically the perfect trilogy,” he said. “So in this case it's not like, ‘OK, you can go on to the next step.’ We really wrapped that one up. At this point, you've got to go in a very different direction. This is a different kind of exploration.”

“Toy Story 4” is set for release in the U.S. on June 2018.