Tracy Morgan, the 30 Rock star, has gone and done it again. The ruckus over his recent comments on gays has scarcely died down when he has again made jokes about differently enabled kids in his stand-up routine at Caroline’s in Manhattan.

He reportedly said that people should not “mess with women who have retarded kids,” according to news reports.

“Them young retarded males is strong,” he went on to say. “They’re strong like chimps.”

The same Tracy Morgan at another show said that he will kill his son if turned out to be gay. This led a to a massive public outpourings against him. He went into firefighting mode and on an apology spree.

Arc CEO Peter Berns says Morgan's most recent comment is far too offensive to be excused as comedy, and it is very hurtful to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Arc is a non-profit organization that serves the intellectually and developmentally disabled.

Outraged comments are pouring all over the online media. It seems Tracy Morgan will again have to profusely apologize for his insensitive humor.

Perhaps, Tracy should just take a break from stand-up routines and take note of all the demographic, sensitive references he should avoid.