Game developer Capcom has decided to release a new “Great Ace Attorney” trailer to give fans a rundown of the characters and gameplay. “The Great Ace Attorney” is a spinoff game from the “Ace Attorney” titles that star Ryunosuke Naruhodou, one of the great ancestors of “Ace Attorney” lead character Phoenix Wright.

As far as gameplay goes, “The Great Ace Attorney” seems to play very similarly to the “Ace Attorney” games, with the usual mix of crime solving and court battles. One aspect unique to this game, however, is the “Join Reasoning” feature, where Ryunosuke and Sherlock work together and try to solve the mystery.

Fans who have either read the books or watched the “Sherlock” television series know that the detective is definitely a genius. However, according to a report from Siliconera, his keen sense of observation can sometimes lead to him missing clues that are right in front of him, which is where Ryunosuke becomes handy, as he can help Sherlock focus and observe the clues they have already gotten.

The famous court battles that the original “Ace Attorney” games are known for make an appearance in the game. Of course, the battles also have some new gameplay enhancements that are unique to “The Great Ace Attorney,” like the new “Closing Argument” feature. That feature allows Ryunosuke to point out a contradiction and change the opinions of the jurors into his side.

“Ace Attorney” developer Shu Takumi will be directing the game, as reported by the Anime News Network. Takumi has also stated that “The Great Ace Attorney” isn’t just a simple side-story, but the possible start of a new game series. Depending on the game’s success, fans could be getting more games that star Ryunosuke as the lead.

“The Great Ace Attorney” is slated to hit Japan on July 9 for the Nintendo 3DS. No word yet on the possibility of the game coming to the West, but given how popular the series has been in the United States, it could only be a matter of time.

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