Transformer Prime is a 10-inch beast compared to Kindle Fire because it's larger, more powerful and brand spanking new. So new in fact, it's not out yet except for a few pre-orders that have shipped. Prime will have missed many holiday shoppers, but that could be a boon to the Kindle Fire because it's widely available and for less than half the price. While both devices have proven popular in their way, they are pretty different. Kindle Fire is selling like crazy, but Transformer Prime has generated some online buzz due to the rave reviews it has gotten.

Good reviews and buzz aside, it does cost $500. Comparing these two devices on price alone makes little sense because of the wide swath of differing features. Tranformer Prime brings a super slim build and above average resolution with that hefty price tag. It's got 32 gigabytes of internal storage, and eight megapixel camera in back, scratch resistant Gorilla Glass coating, great battery life and should get the Android 4.0 update within a couple months.

Kindle Fire, on the other hand , is tailor made to make buying lots of Amazon stuff super easy. It's a portal, if you will, but also has some tablet like functions that add to that primary purpose. Physically, it's rather square and light, but it does have excellent resolution, and enough memory and juice to power games and videos at a respectable level. Kindle Fire has good battery life, and the content you purchase from Amazon gets stored in the cloud. That means if you are out of Wi-Fi range, that content will not be available (unless it's stored on the device, of course). You get about six gigabytes of internal storage, so if you are a prodigious media consumer, you may find yourself shuffling content on and off the device for those Wi-Fi inaccessible times. But again, for $200, it's a good deal because it's not just a storage device for your music and movies.

The answer then to which should you buy is, it depends. Think how you want to use it and what you'll be doing with it. That way whichever you choose, you'll be more likely to enjoy it and get your money's worth out of it. Tell us in the comments if you're waiting for your Transformer Prime pre-order.

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