Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, which opened on Wednesday, already grossed more than the cost to make the movie.  However, the Michael Bay movie and other big names got their boost abroad instead of domestically.

Below is the domestic versus foreign box office breakdown so far for some of the hottest recent Hollywood blockbusters:

                                                                Domestic                             Foreign

Transformers 3                                 $162 million                       $210 million

X-Men: First Class                            $138 million                        $195 million

Kung Fu Panda 2                             $156 million                        $374 million

Pirates of the Caribbean:                 $233 million                        $774 million                                                                                 On Stranger Tides

Foreigners love Hollywood.  And now more than ever, they have the money and numbers pay up and make producers rich.   

Some economists have noted that Hollywood, along with defense, remains one of the few American industries that boast of overwhelming trade surpluses. 

For all their cheap labor, it seems manufacturing powerhouses in emerging market economies can't seem to replicate Hollywood yet.

Foreigners, though, don't seem to enjoy heavily US-culture centric movies.  Also, they tend to go for the big Hollywood blockbusters. 

For example, Bad Teacher's and Larry Crowne's domestic box offices are double their foreign box offices.