With the anticipation of the latest Transformers movie, speculation is rampant. Recently, the rumored title “Rise of Galvatron” set the Internet on fire, but sadly, it's just a fake trailer and Photoshopped images.

“Transformers 4” will cause all sorts of debates and wishful thinking of fans. Which Decepticons will appear in the movie, plot points and other aspects of the movie are up for debate. Some fans will settle for speculating over the comments section of a site or on a message board, but there are some fans who are a bit more intrepid, and will go about creating something that fits their dream scenario.

Which brings us to “Rise of Galvatron,” a fake trailer for “Transformers 4,” that has caused the Internet to freak out for a bit. It's natural that the ultimate villain of any franchise will be fan-casted into a new movie. If a new X-Men movie was announced, chances are fans would want Dark Phoenix, the Sentinels, Shadow King, Mister Sinister, Apocalypse or the Hellfire Club. For Batman, it could be The Riddler, The Mad Hatter, Calendar Man, Hush, Harley Quinn or Killer Croc. For Superman, it could be Darkseid, Doomsday or Bizarro.

Fan-casting heroes and villains will never get old and will always follow popular franchises and “Transformers 4” is no exception. After three movies, grossing over $2.6 billion combined, the next installment in the “Transformers” series has been confirmed and there has been some news but so far, no reports about what the plot is, which is why Galvatron is sweeping the Internet.

Galvatron is the bigger, badder form of Megatron, the leader of the Decpticons. When Megatron was defeated in 2011's “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” fans naturally wished that Galvatron would make an appearance in the fourth movie. When dying. Megatron made a deal with Unicron, a giant robot that transforms into a mechanical planet and was voiced by Orson Welles in “Transformers: The Movie,” and the Decepticon leader reemerged as Galvatron.

This popular Decepticon has yet to be portrayed in the “Transformers” movie and fans are hoping that Galvatron will make an appearance in “Transformers 4.” Some fan got a little carried away and decided to create a trailer for “Rise of Galvatron.” The video was posted on YouTube using bits and pieces from previous “Transformers” movies to create “Rise of Galvatron.” Many fans have already pointed out the obvious mistakes and clips used, but until Michael Bay announces the plot, expect to hear plenty about Galvatron.

What is known about “Transformers 4” is that Mark Wahlberg will have a role in the movie. Bay made the announcement on his blog. Wahlberg will be taking over the starring role from Shia LeBeouf, the star of the previous three “Transformers” movies. “Transformers 4” will be Bay's last and when Bay spoke to Los Angeles Times, the director mentioned taking the movie into outer space. The speculation for Galvatron, and possibly Unicron, makes sense and chances are Bay would want to go out with a bang and bringing two of the most popular villains to the screen would fit that bill.