Travers Lee DeWitte, 38, couldn't control the urge to sneeze while at an intersection and when he did he knocked out the power to the homes of about 1,300 Winona, Minn. residents on Wednesday morning.

Winona Deputy Police Chief Tom Williams told the Winona Daily News that DeWitte was at the intersection of Mark and Louisa streets when he sneezed and involuntarily stepped on the gas pedal. The vehicle then ran across the intersection, jumped a curb and struck a guy wire that was attached to a power pole. The cables snapped and flew up, striking and snapping a power line that left the approximately 1,300 customers without power, the website reported.

Williams added that the sparks from the severed line cause a small grass fire at the bottom of the pole. However, the fire burned itself out.

Call it a sneeze-and-run, DeWitte, who was afraid that his car would be towed, drove the vehicle to an address and walked back to the scene of the accident to report to police, the website stated.