Trouble might be brewing in Dallas between quarterback Tony Romo and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, if a new video means anything.

Before the Cowboys final drive of the season - in the midst of a huge collapse against the Lions that saw the team blow a 24 point lead -- Romo is seen blowing off Jones as the owner tried to grab at Romo's jersey.

Romo, clearly frustrated after throwing to interceptions for touchdowns, brushing off Jones' hand and keeps on walking on the sideline in the video seen below.

Romo's three interceptions undoubtedly played a role in the Lions furious comeback against the Cowboys and leads to even more comments that Romo can't win close, big games. Some speculation, including from IBTimes, indicates that Romo might not have a long-term future in Dallas if he continues to lose big games like this one.

One of Romo's staunchest supporters has been Jones, who publicly defended him after Romo choked against the Jets in Week 1, but this video indicates that there might be a rift between the relationship of Romo and Jones. It could, of course, just be a show of frustration by Romo, but it's never a good idea to blow off the team owner, especially considering how hands-on Jones is with the Cowboys.

Watch the video here.