Although it feels like the new season of "True Blood" has just begun, the season five finale for the hit HBO drama is upon us. Keep on reading below to find out spoilers for what's in store for Sookie and the gang in episode 12, "Save Yourself."

This past Sunday. Russell Edgington chowed down on one of the most powerful fae, the Elder. With the ancient vampire now able to see the fae that had been hidden behind a magical shield, it looks like they must finally fight back against the blood suckers. Unfortunately for them it will be a little difficult, because despite the swarm of microwave hand light coming from them as a group, Russell claims to not feel a thing.

Russell is not the only vampire gone crazy, in the preview video, Salome can be seen declaring that vampires will rule world, and is even enlisting an army to dominate the humans. Although Lilith appeared to numerous Vampire Authority chancellors and told them that they were the chose one, the final clip of the season finale video seems to show that Salome is the chosen one. Salome can be seen drinking Lilith's blood from the vial. But how will psycho-religious Bill react to this? The clip shows that Eric has returned to the Authority after escaping last week, and he has not given up on his friend.

"My blood is beyond fear of retribution," Bill tells Eric. But Eric still pleads to Bill that Lilith is a "mad god." "She's nothing but destruction," he tells him. Bill seems to be on his own path of destruction though, as it looks like he may be taking Sam Merlotte's life because "he knows too much."

With a deadly crew of vampires in the Vampire Authority walls and an army assembling, Jason (who appears to have recovered from the Elder fae's blast of light) has managed to break into the Authority headquarters...and he is heavily armed. Will he save Jessica, Luna, Sam and Emma? Will Eric save Pam and Bill? Are the fae going to be able to stop Russell? And what's going on with the fairy that Andy knocked up?

Check out the "True Blood" season finale trailer for episode 12, "Save Yourself," below.

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