“True Blood’s” sixth season is set to premiere on HBO on Sunday, and we’ve compiled a list of the latest spoilers for the new season.  Check out some scoop on Billith, the return of characters and the epic Sookie-Eric-Bill love triangle.

Returning To Soap Opera Roots

New “True Blood” showrunner Brian Buckner explained to Rolling Stone that the actors and writers on the series are tired of the same scenes. Buckner dished that they’re going back to the show's “soap opera roots, and remember that romance matters in the midst of all the plot we do.”

Showing A More Human Side

It’s easy to forget about humanity on “True Blood.” We’ve watched a possessed Lafayette kill his boyfriend, Tara jump in front of a gun for Sookie, and Sookie turn that gun on Debbie – yet the series left no time for the characters to grieve.

Season six will have an episode titled, “Life Matters,” and Buckner says it will focus on reminding people that the lives of the humans AND vampires in Bon Temps mean something. Fans will see a little “more human side of the supernatural stories we’re telling.”


Is Billith good or bad? “True Blood” will be exploring that this season. Buckner revealed a pretty juicy Billith spoiler for the season six premiere. The showrunner explained that Bill will be asking to Jessica to make sure “he doesn’t lose it.” As for whether he will succeed? Buckner said that Bill has to be Bill, but now he’s also a little part of Lilith and “she will win for a little while.”

Sara And Steve Newlin

As we previously reported, former Fellowship Of The Sun leaders Sara and Steve Newlin will come head to head in season six. The pair haven’t been spotted together since season two – and a lot had changed in between. After Sara’s affair with Jason, her marriage with Steve quickly went downhill. Steve eventually turned up on Jason’s doorstep in the season four finale to reveal himself to be a gay Vampire-American.

“He’s at the center of a lot of violence this season,” Buckner said of Steve. “He’s going to be on the receiving end of some trouble, and he’s going to be causing some trouble.”

Return Of Portia Bellefleur

“True Blood” fans may remember Portia Bellefleur (Courtney Ford), Andy’s sister and one of Bill’s hookups post-Sookie. Her relationship quickly fizzled with Bill when he discovered that he was her great-great-great-great grandson, and ended up glamouring her into running and screaming anytime she saw him.

Ford told TVGuide.com that she’ll be returning in episode seven of season six. “After watching the season five finale, which was pretty intense and crazy, things are getting a little heated in Bon Temps and it stands to reason that someone is going to need a lawyer,” she teased of her comeback.

Sookie-Eric-Bill Love Triangle

Buckner promises fans than Bill and Sookie are “still the center of show,” but that the two will be kept apart for a little while. Fortunately Eric is still currently in the running for Sookie’s heart. “I think [the love triangle] exists,” the showrunner explained. “The tension is there, but I would say that these characters have never been further apart, romantically.”

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