“True Blood” is almost halfway through its sixth season, and the drama has been non-stop. The synopsis for episode six has leaked on SpoilerTV.com, and fans should be pleased to know that the HBO series is not easing up on the action.

Bill’s Problem

In episode four Bill kidnapped Andy’s faerie children. Episode five will find him dealing with Jessica’s mishap with the kids … and episode six will have him seeking Lilith for help. It appears that the “vampire crisis” is advancing, and Bill is still unsure on how to handle it. We’re assuming Dr. Hido Takahashi has not yet found success in recreating faerie blood …

Vamp Camp

Pam and Nora were captured by the LATVF in episode four. The episode five description makes it seem that Eric, Jason and Jessica will be joining Pam and Nora with an up-close-and-personal look at the perverse perils of Vamp Camp.

Sam Trouble

Throughout season six, Sam has been struggling to keep an eye on Emma since the death of Luna. Episode six will find him coming to a decision that he hopes will be in Emma’s “best interest.”

Andy’s Faerie Daughters

Are Andy’s daughters alive … or did Jessica drain them? Their fates will remain up in the air until episode five airs on Sunday, but episode six reveals that he will finally name his children.

Terry’s Struggles

Since killing his friend Patrick in season five, Terry has been struggling to come to terms with his actions. Episode six, “Don’t You Feel Me,” will find Arlene coming up with a solution that will help his unease.

New episodes of “True Blood” air on Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO. Catch episode six, “Don’t You Feel Me,” when it premieres on July 21.