Things aren't looking too good for the vampires of Bon Temps in episode seven of “True Blood.”  With only three episodes remaining after “In The Evening,” find out what happened Sunday. Eric manages to break Nora out of the vampire camp but not before the camp authorities figure out that there has been a breach. Leaving Willa behind, Eric’s new progeny heads to let Pam know about the Hep V in the TruBlood before sneaking back into the general population room.

Out of the camp walls Eric goes straight to Bill, asking him to heal Nora. But Nora doesn’t want Lilith’s blood, telling Bill and Eric that she’d rather die than drink it. Although Eric demands that Bill give Nora his blood, Bill refuses. “This is her dying wish,” Bill tells Eric. “We have to honor it.”

Eric’s not the only one receiving bad news. Sarah Newlin goes to Governor Burrell’s place only to find the guards dead and Burrell decapitated. But instead of breaking down when she see’s her dead boyfriend, Sarah becomes stronger, kissing Burrell’s head and telling him that his death wasn't in vain. “This was part of God’s plan,” Sarah tells his dead body. “And God is good.”

Going back to the vampire camp, Sarah tells the others that Burrell is dead but that “no one can know Burrell is gone.” Together, they hatch a plan to dispose of the body and tell the public that the Governor is at an undisclosed location.

Meanwhile in the faerie world, Sookie and Warlow are lying naked after an impromptu romp session. And surprisingly, it’s Warlow who found the sex to be more meaningful than Sookie intended. The vampire/faerie hybrid thinks that just because Sookie slept with him that she’s willing to marry him, but Sookie sets him straight.

Sookie and Warlow are interrupted when Sookie overhears Arlene crying in the graveyard. Using her faerie powers, Sookie leaves Warlow in the safety of the faerie world to check on Arlene and learns that Terry has died.

Comforting Arlene, they head back to the Bellfleur house, where Arlene is forced to tell her children what happened to Terry. But before Arlene can do that, she lashes out at Lafayette, yelling at him for knowing that something was up with Terry before he was shot. Calming down, Arlene goes to see her kids, and Lafayette tells Sookie about the safe deposit box.

Sookie and Lafayette head to the bank, deciding that it’s better for them to check the box out before Arlene does. Inside the box, they discover an envelope addressed to Arlene. The envelope contains a life insurance policy that was filed three days before Terry’s death, leaving Arlene with a ridiculous sum of money.

Sam finally learns of Terry’s death, thanks to a phone call to Lafayette and tells Nicole that he has to head back into Bon Temps despite the risk from the wolves. But Sam won’t let Nicole go back with him, making her get her mother to come pick her up.

At the camp, Jason uses his authority to try to free Jessica, but Jessica refuses.  Telling Jason that she's okay with meeting her true death, she instead asks for him to bring her James, the vampire she was almost forced to have sex with in front of Sarah and other vampire camp authority members. Giving Jessica her wish, Jason leaves Jessica alone with James. Jessica uses that time to warn James about Hep V and then she sleeps with him.

Fortunately, Jason doesn’t have to see his ex-girlfriend hooking up with another guy because Sarah approaches him outside the door and tells him that Burrell is dead. Because Jason no longer has leverage on her, Sarah makes the guards cut him and send him bleeding into the female general population room. But before the ladies can dig in, Tara jumps in front of Jason, telling the girls to “back off b*****s.” The bad news is that the alpha female in the general population room wants Jason for her own.

Out of the camp walls, Eric finds Bill about to walk in the daylight, and tells Bill that he believes he's God. Bill tells Eric about his vision of everyone dying at the camp, and that he believes that if he gets everyone to drink Warlow’s blood they'll all be saved. They negotiate that Eric will return to the camp with Bill IF Bill saves Nora. While it turns out that Bill’s blood can't heal Nora,  Warlow’s blood potentially could.

Bill heads out into the sun to the Bellfleur house to find Sookie to demand Warlow. While he’s there he offers his condolences to Arlene and Andy and tells Sookie the latest drama at the camp. Initially not caring what happens, Bill warns her that blood will be on both their hands if she doesn’t hand Warlow over.

“In The Evening” ends with Pam about to have sex with her shrink, the pack turning on Alcide after they discover he lied about Nicole and Sam being killed, and Nora dying, disintegrating in a devastated Eric’s hands.

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