The true death is near. Only four episodes remain in the seventh and final season of “True Blood,” but that doesn’t mean the HBO drama is slowing down. In fact, the new trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con teases that the last few weeks will feature some of the most jaw-dropping moments to date.

Check out 11 things to look forward to in the final few episodes of “True Blood” Season 7:

1. Bill’s Past Catches Up With Him

“From the very first moment that we met, I thought that if I could protect you, it would erase all the things that I’ve seen and done,” Bill tells Sookie as the Hep-V spreads in his body. “Problem was I couldn’t escape my past.”

2. Sookie’s Final Faerie Journey

Alcide’s body is barely cold, but Sookie is going on one last mission to try to save Bill.

“There’s a miracle out there just waiting for Bill,” the half-faerie says in the video. “I just have to go out there and find it.”

While it’s not clear what she has in mind, it appears to involve Niall, her faerie king grandfather. Niall has been missing in action ever since he killed Warlow and was pulled out of the other dimension by Jason and Sookie. However, the “In The Weeks Ahead” Comic-Con trailer shows him clutching Sookie’s hands and channeling his fae powers.

3. Lettie Mae’s Path to Tara

“True Blood” viewers saw in episode 6 that Lafayette now believed Lettie Mae about Tara being stuck on the “other side.” And based on the trailer, it appears as if the Reverend will come around as well. Tara can be seen looking angelic in a white dress while Lettie Mae looks on with Lafayette and the Reverend by her side.

4. Jason Goes Through Another Tough Breakup

Relationships never end well for Jason, and his breakup with Violet will be no different. While Jason thought the note from Violet in episode 6 was a "get out of jail free" card, the video tells a slightly different story. The youngest Stackhouse can be seen gagged and with his hands tied up as his ex-girlfriend towers over him.

“Hello, darling,” Violet says to him. “Want to see what real betrayal looks like?”

5. Hoyt’s Return

Hoyt’s return to Bon Temps was hinted at in episode 4, but the former Bon Temps resident has yet to return to his hometown from Alaska. He makes an appearance in the teaser, guaranteeing that he’ll come face-to-face with ex-girlfriend Jessica in one of the final four episodes of “True Blood.”

6. Arlene’s New Love

Arlene will finally get another chance at happiness. While rocker Keith hasn’t played a big role in the final season of “True Blood,” it looks like he’ll become the main man in Arlene’s life. The Comic-Con teaser shows Arlene with her legs wrapped around the vampire as she goes in for a steamy kiss.

7. Eric’s Confession

If you're on Team Eric, then you’re in luck. The vampire, who is infected with Hep-V, will share some screen time again with Sookie before the series is over.

“I care about very few people in this world,” Eric confides in Sookie. “Small handful of vampires … and you.”

8. Bill and Eric’s Bromance

The bromance between the two vampires is back. Though they have little in common, Sookie always seems to draw them together.

“It is her light that pulls us in,” Bill tells Eric. “Just as she is pulled in by our darkness.”

9. Sookie and Bill Romance

“True Blood” started with Sookie and Bill, and it will end with Sookie and Bill.

“I’m not going to leave you,” Sookie promises Bill in the Comic-Con trailer. “I’m going to stay with you until the very end.”

And Sookie’s not just making promises; she’s also sealing them with a kiss.

10. Adilynn’s Dangerous Situation

Andy’s faerie daughter hasn’t fully grasped that it’s dangerous to go out at night. In episode 6, Adilynn and Wade blindly followed Violet, a vampire they trusted with their life. However, the trailer teases that Adilynn’s decision will prove to be a mistake. She can be seen handcuffed to a bed and screaming.

11. The True Death for Amber?

Amber was initially on board with Eric and Pam to destroy her sister. But after Sarah Newlin healed her in episode 6, Amber apparently had a change of heart. A brief clip shows Eric with a stake in his hand, ready to deliver the true death to Amber.

Will the vampire sell out Sarah to save her own life? Or is she ready to die for her sister?

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